Achieving Results for Our Clients
Serving Their Needs

Astley Consulting Group is proud to offer our clients the following services for all their corporate, association and political needs:

Media and Public Relations

Creating and executing both short-term and long-term media plans for clients to attain the desired results is only part of what Astley Consulting Group offers. Media training, press conferences, press releases, editorial board meetings, opinion pieces, letters to the editor and media relations are all part of the package when you work with us. Interacting with the public takes forethought, planning and the right execution of a sound strategy. At Astley Consulting Group, we help with every aspect of an unbeatable public relations campaign to make you look your best.

Corporate and Association Marketing and Public Affairs

Marketing for association and corporate entities are part of the equation and an important one when you need to get your message across effectively and succinctly. With our experience and resources, we can help make sure that your message cuts through the everyday clutter and reaches the people you need to while meeting your organizational goals.

Strategic Communications

A critical part of effective communications is knowing who to talk to and what message is best for that audience. Whether working with the media, your employees or members, the community at large or another, more specific audience, Astley Consulting Group can help you focus your efforts to achieve the desired results.

Political Campaign Management and Consulting

Having worked on dozens of campaigns for elected office, ballot measures, initiatives and annexations, Astley Consulting Group is here to help. Our team has worked on targeted races from City Council to U.S. Congress including several races for Speaker of the Oregon House. Our experience covers races in Oregon, Washington and Pennsylvania.

Organizational Development

Every organization needs the right tools and the right training to be effective and successful. Astley Consulting Group will work with you on board development and training, organizational development and staff training.


Creating a powerful, memorable brand and image for your company or organization is one of our greatest strengths. With eye-catching graphics, creative copy and innovative communication tools, we succeed in putting our clients' brand at the forefront of people's minds.